NDRCONSULT is your boutique marketing and start-up offering, that provides you with the perfect bridge between your business objective, rapidly changing consumer realties and go-to-market stategies

We Understand :

  • You and your requriements
  • Your clients (existing & potential) and their requirements


We Bridge the Gap between the two. We are essentially like your Business Counsellors.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Today, consumers are the undisputed king. With all their difference, they have one thing in common:


    Further, we are living in an era where evolution is at its peak



    Hence, we at NDR Consult believe that all businesses today, no matter how big or small, need to start thinking (behaving) like a start-up

    • Nurture
      Client Debrief
      Research – Primary & Secondary
      Need – Gap Analysis
      Environment Scan & Scoping

    • Develop
      The Story
      The Approach
      Structuring / Restructuring
      Product Expansion

    • Race
      Launch / Marketing
      Market Focus / Growth

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Our proprietary Tools

The NDR 6C Model

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That's how the front page of Pune Mirror looks like today.. #GettingPuneFitter #FitnessRevolution… https://t.co/nuUY6dEGuz
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That's how the front page of Pune Mirror looks like today.. #gettingIndiaFitter… https://t.co/3dCOKBka1E
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Let's take to the art of storytelling.. #GreatestArt #quoteoftheday #MakeLifeAStory #Business #StoryTelling… https://t.co/ikUy3ur1Pm
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Leadership Team

We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Person Name Nikhil D'Rozario Chairman & Founder
Nikhil D'Rozario Chairman & Founder Taking inspiration from Otto Kleppner, Nikhil is a curious mind in understanding human behaviour and aligning these insights to sound and robust business & communication strategy. This ability is a function of his varied personal and professional exposure, through almost two decades of core industry experience. Having worked across multiple countries, industry sectors and growth phases, enables Nikhil to hand-hold his client partners, to reach their business and communication aspirations. Furthermore, an adventurer at heart, he looks at taking them on a journey of achieving their business aspirations with strategy, resonating simplicity and clarity.
Person Name Aalaap Roy Director & CEO
Aalaap Roy Director & CEO “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”. Tony Robbins Having worked with Hindustan Unilever Ltd., United Spirits- Diageo and Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, Aalaap is a young entrepreneur with a rich and varied experience across industries. From helping multiple brands see the light of day to refurbishing and relaunching brands, Aalaap has seen it all, with planning strategies for Brands remaining his core. A football fiend, a certified scuba diver, a national level athlete, he loves films, music and to travel in search of the finest tastes that satisfies the stomach.
Person Name Aniruddha Bhagwat Director
Aniruddha Bhagwat Director If communication is an art, meet our maestro. His vision of amalgamating consumer insights and business perspectives to create strong and differentiated narratives for brands will separate the good from the great, influential and immortal, led him to co-founding Ideosphere in 2011. His exposure across different aspects of the communication industry from client acquisition to company management gives him an edge to understand client businesses and align communication strategies for success. When he is not at work, you may find him on the running track in the morning, playing on the tennis court in the afternoon, or hitting the closest karaoke bar in the evening.
Person Name Kundanraj Borgohain Head-North East Operations
Kundanraj Borgohain Head-North East Operations When you are a serial specialist, you can be a Jack of all trades and still master each of them. Meet Kundanraj, the very embodiment of such drive. A keen observer with a thirst for learning and a passion for disruptive innovation, Kundan has had years of experience in fields as diverse as F&B industry, film-making, and custom motorcycle building. His zeal for the latter fuels his wanderlust as he travels to different places to take part in motorsport events. Even as he serves as managing partner (logistics) for his family business, he seamlessly squeezes in a number of other projects. These include running Superpress, a marketing production company and ideating on creative identities of a host of start-ups and product launches.
Person Name deepa yadav Senior Consultant
deepa yadav Senior Consultant Deepa aspires to create communication pathways through unbroken conversations. After spending almost 6 years in the PR industry, storytelling has become a part of her profession and life. From strategizing and planning to media relations, she has helped enhance the reputation of brands and organizations using traditional mediums while dipping her feet into the world of social media by writing social content for various clients.


Business and/or restructuring
Product/Services & Associated
Lifecycle Development
Monetization & Fund Advisory
Feature Title
Consumer Insights

Core Offering

Business & Growth Advisory

  • Goal Identification
  • Target Setting
  • Geographic expansion advisory services

Learning and Development

  • Training & Development Modules
  • Business Simulation/Workshops

Brand & Go-To Market Startegy

  • Designing marking strategies(inline with business goals)
  • Creating the brand story

Idea Incubation (NDRLabs)

  • Idea Audit
  • Idea development-Need gap analysis
  • Business plan formation

Our Clientele

The Bling Stores Our work with Nikhil D’Rozario and his team at NDR Consult helped us plan and FastTrack our launch. Through their valuable inputs on organization structures, digital launch strategy & customer service management, we now, within 6 months of our launch, have achieved sales targets that we had set for our first year of operations. More recently they have also guided us on how we could reduce costs in production, packaging as well as distribution, resulting in an over 14% savings. We are extremely thrilled with the speed with which we accomplished our initial goals. We are now working together to set-up a fully customized e-commerce tool which would grow our brand multi-fold.
-Raj Khatri, Chairman, The Bling Stores
Affluence Movies Private Limited (Shreyas & Deepti Talpade) I’ve been working with Nikhil & NDR Consult for quite sometime now. What I appreciate the most about working with them is their ability to cut through the predictable politics of a project, keep everyone happy, and yet innovate and deliver optimal results.
-Deepti Talpade, Director, Affluence Movies Pvt. Ltd.
Ideosphere Being an insight based communication firm, we understand the value of an external view and objectivity. Aniruddha and I have always maintained that a business thrives on honest views and transparency from its leaders, leading to a distinctive and robust growth pattern. Nikhil’s experience and in-depth understanding of the industry, business and people involved, helped us evolve, transform and create the desired brand and business impact. Their model is extremely interesting as the consumer insights based approach which NDR Consult follows, helps strategize and provide clear actionable goals leading to a clear vision. They have been with us throughout our journey of 5 years and have helped us transform from a start-up to a successful sustainable business venture. We are now looking forward to working with them for the next phase of our organizational growth.
-Minal D’Rozario, Co-Founder, Ideosphere Consulting
Sindola Sports Foundation NDR Consult believes that one needs to understand the system in order to solve a problem, not just focus on immediate issues. They have an excellent and unique approach towards building strategy and providing solutions to any business. In the last 2 months, that I have worked with them, they have helped me structure my idea (a thought) into a business plan, with a very clear roadmap and clear targets at every step. I am glad to be working with them on this project and look forward to many more in the future.
– Jaideep Patwardhan, Founder Director – Sindola India Sports Foundation, Pro-Golfer & Former Indian National Golf Team Captain

NDR Speaks